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Gaming parlor CASINO FARAON is located in existing hotel FARAON Celje *** and its been in operation since 2004. Theme of old ancient Egypt is seen all across the casino. Upon entry you will be greeted by our lovely staff and feel life of luxury as the ancient pharaohs did. Interior of the saloon is decorated with golden ancient figures and images such as seen in the pyramids of old Egypt.

As a compliment to our inside smoking area we also refurbished and increased the size of two open space playing areas where our guests can try their luck on playable machines and electronic roulette every day, every time of the year, rain or shine, as smoking in this areas is always allowed. In an interesting and outside ambiance of both smoking areas our customers can take a breath of fresh air and treat themselves to a refreshing drink.

We have also partnered up with XSPIN and are looking forward to implementing their product and idea into our ecosystem to bring you even better gaming experience.

Working hours

Gaming parlor operates 24/7 every day, all year long.


Entrance is allowed only to adults with a valid ID.

Entrance fee



We provide quick entry and access card (daily free non alcoholic drink included)

Slot machines

At the gaming parlor we offer a wide array of slot machines, from different world acclaimed manufacturers.
Without any previous knowledge or experience you can try your luck on 84 slot machines with diverse and colorful selection of games. And to top it all of we also offer two electronic roulette machines.

Progressive jackpots on our slot machines add extra fun and excitement to your gaming experience.


We are located inside HOTEL FARAON*** on Ljubljanska street 39, Celje wich is also where the city's summer public pools are located.

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